Jenaya Smith

Customer Service Representative, Neighborhood Health

Jenaya Smith is a Customer Service Representative for Neighborhood Health, an insurance company that offers Medicaid and Medicare combined services, and commercial plans. She attended Bridgewater State College. Majoring in Human Services. and obtained an associate degree of science. Prior to working for Neighborhood Health. Jenaya worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island. Jenaya was also involved with supporting several contracts through the Association for the visually impaired and blind, out of Upstate New York. These contracts include Department of children and family services, department of Labor, and Goodwill industries. Jenaya notes that pursued this career because she loves helping people. Outside of work, Jenaya is a member of the National Federation of The Blind, and a member and Secretary of her Local Lions Club. Jenaya was born legally blind. Her visual impairment was caused by Glaucoma. Aside, from being visually impaired. She also suffers from a severe case of Scoliosis, a curvature of the spine. Despite these conditions, Jenaya lives life to the fullest. She notes that while she may have to do things differently, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

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