Trades Win Purpose and Goals

A screen showing several student participants and coordinators in a remote Zoom Meeting.

This project creates a database of success stories in the workplace, and a comprehensive resource where people can look to determine appropriate accommodations, including assistive technologies, for success in a desired career path.

Our aim is to break down the stigma surrounding disability in given career fields, and to empower individuals seeking resources on appropriate supports for training and a network of individuals eager to share their knowledge and successes. Data obtained from this project can help to track successes around employment initiatives and help illuminate areas of growth related to equity/inclusion policies within all sectors of the workforce.

Storytelling is a powerful means of communication. Finding one’s voice and empowerment through telling your own story and the stories of others in a desired career path can enable students and working professionals alike to approach employment with confidence. Through this unique approach, our participants feel a sense of community while building core communication skills that will serve them well in any future career path.