Vision Towards Success Podcast

Centered around career exploration through storytelling, Vision Towards Success highlights work stories and lived experience of members of the blind/low vision community. This show presents awareness of disability identity across the employment landscape as a resource for both employees and employers to embrace the disabled experience as a valuable contribution to workplace culture. Through interviewing professionals across a wide variety of occupations, we aim to educate and increase understanding and demonstrate the value of diversity.

Barbara Black

Barbara Black was Born and raised in New York, but she ultimately taught in Northampton, Massachusetts. Starting in 1978, she worked in early childhood education until her retirement in 2017. She studied education and sociology at Stony Brook University and later took graduate courses at Bank Street

Hoby Wedler

Hoby Wedler is a chemist, entrepreneur, and educator who founded Hoby's Essentials, which sells food seasonings curated with his chemical knowledge. He has a double Bachelor's in chemistry and history with a minor in mathematics, a Master's in theoretical organic chemistry, and a PhD in organic

Sina Bahram

Sina Bahram is the president and founder of Prime Access Consulting, an inclusive design firm that aims to make knowledge, culture, and technology available to the widest possible audience. He has a Bachelor's, a Master's, and a PhD in computer science from North Carolina State University. With a